Facilities Hire



1st May -30th Sept



1st Oct – 30th April

Arena –  Indoor
Half day (8am-1pm)


£150.00 £200.00
Full day  (8am-6pm) £275.00 £350.00
Evening Hire (per Hour) £30.00 With Jumps £35.00
 Arena – Covered
 Half day (8am-1pm)


 £140.00 £175.00
 Full day (8am-6pm)  £230.00 £295.00
Evening Hire (per hour) £25.00 £25.00
 Arena – Outdoor DIY
 Half day (8am-1pm) (1.30pm -6.30pm) By arrangement
 Full day (8am-6pm)  By arrangement
 Extended arena hire
 Early set up (Before 8am)  £20.00 Per Hour £20.00 Per Hour
 6pm – 9pm  £50.00 £50.00
 Stables with shavings day bed (WEEKENDS AND HOLIDYS ONLY)
 1 night  £30.00 per night £30.00 (If Available)
Day Stabling  £20.00 £20.00 (If Available)
 Show Jumps and extras
 Full day (BS set)  £125.00
Standard Set  £75.00
 Dressage Boards and judges box  £50.00
 Use of PA system  £50.00
 Entries room  £40.00 £50.00
 Timing Equipment  £50.00 (plus deposit)


This price list is for events and clinics held by affiliated / recognised clubs.

For private hire please see hourly rate price list.

If you require any other facilities or services please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you require all facilities please call to discuss costings.